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    Trying to find GMV

      Hello, I'm trying to find value of GMV from my data.

      I figured out the way to get the GMV but don't know how to switch that into expression for Qlik Sense.


      Can someone please help me to find the way to do it?


      This is how it works:


      if there's a number on P_RETURN_DT section and there's not a number on P_RETURN_DT, then (value of ORDER_QTY*SALE_RPRICE) * -1


      IF [P_RETURN_DT]=[date] and ISNULL([P_RETURN_DT])=FALSE then




      END                                   <-- I kinda wrote it down, but it doesn't work



      if there's a number on SHIP_DT section and there's not a number on SHIP_DT then value of (ORDER_QTY*SALE_RPRICE)


      IF [SHIP_DT]=[date] and ISNULL([SHIP_DT])=FALSE then




      END                                   <-- also not working..


      ***So I assume that the value of GMV is sum of 1 and 2.. but I get lost how to do it




      Thank you.