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    Need Help on Qlikview SAP-SD Demo

    Neha Deshmukh

      Hello Community,


      I have some queries on qlikview demos for SAP.

      I got standard dashboard for SAP-SD from qlik website got qvd generator and layout also and working well.

      But dashboard script is hidden or might be not showing because of that i'm not able to add more table which i'm needed.


      Anybody work on the same or have any idea on this?


      Your help will be great appreciated.


      Thank & Regards,

      Neha Shirsath

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          Juan Olivares

          I my experience working with this model, I saw what they do and create my own. So I recommend that you do the same, because it's possible that you need more flexibility working with this data.


          In summary, the base tables to create your model are

          VBAK | VBAP = for Sales Document

          VBRK | VBRP = for Billing Document

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              Neha Deshmukh

              Hi jaun,


              Thanks for the reply.


              I have created the dashboards with my own and working great but when I shown this demo to users they want the same also.

              And I thought I have qvd generator and everything working well only some table i need to add and put some conditions on existing. That's y was thinking if it is possible or not.

              If not then it's ok.

              Not an issue.