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    How to config a test server


      We have a production server with running Qlikview 10. Its a standalone Server with all the services in one install.

      Now i will bring up a testserver with Qlikview 10 SR2. But when i bring up this server with a test license he affects my production server and clears all the user licenses and set my production server on limit licenses.

      How can i make it happen to run this two installations at the same time. So i can test with my test license server without affecting my productionserver.

      My production server has the computername INTQV1 and my testserver has the computername QVTEST.

      Who can help me with this problem?

      Thanks allready.

        • How to config a test server
          Vlad Gutkovsky

          Did you clone your prod server to get your test server up and then try to change licenses? Because if you do it that way, a bunch of things will get messed up...let me know if that's the case and I will post instructions on how to fix the problem.

          Assuming you didn't do that, is your test license number the same as your prod license? If so, the servers will try to cluster and will both go "Off Duty." If the licenses are the same, contact your account rep to get an updated test license key.


            • How to config a test server

              Hi Vlad,

              Do you have any manual for V9 to V10 migration.

              Meaning, i need to migrate everything we have in v9 (especially the publisher distribution setting and access, app bookmarks, user's created object in the QVW, server setting...etc.) to v10 without reconfiguring the setting.

              Users' bookmark and their objects are mandatory to retain.

              I'm still looking for those steps, if you have any experience or tips, could you share with us? Big Smile


              Another question: currently, we are distributing QVW by <domain>\login, but we will migrate our AD server with new domain name. is there any quick way to change any of the config file in QV server, so we can quickly change the <domain> for all users? good thing is, we don't segregate domain by zones, all users in all countries will use the same domain name.



                • How to config a test server
                  Vlad Gutkovsky


                  If you mean upgrading the server from v9 to v10, then it's as easy as uninstalling v9 and installing v10. The QVPR will be updated automatically. This is outlined in the Server Reference Manual. If you mean migrating from a v9 box to a separate v10 box, however, then there's no manual that I know of. However, if it's a clean installation of v10, you can try this:

                  1. Stop all QV services
                  2. Replace the existing QVPR folder with the version from your v9 box
                  3. Modify the QVPR XML files to specify the correct NETBIOS name of the new box (go through all the files and do a string replace). May particular attention to the XML files that relate to directories, such as SourceDocumentFolderResource.xml. You would need to update these files to reflect the correct directories in your new server.
                  4. Start all QV services. Do not start services until you are sure that all XML files have been properly modified!

                  This should, in theory, transition all your tasks and Publisher settings. The server settings shoulf be relatively easy to recreate manually. If this doesn't work, then you can uninstall, delete the QVPR folder and install a clean installation again.

                  User objects are stored in .SHARED files and can be simply copy-pasted to the new machine.

                  Regarding your second question, you would need to make sure to update DistributionDetail.xml (replacing the current domain with the new one) as well as DirectoryResource.xml (replacing the old LDAP string with the new one).


                    • How to config a test server

                      Hi there,


                      Thanks for you advices, and it works. here is what i did...


                      1. In my DEV server, i stop all the V9 services.
                      2. Uninstall all V9, server & desktop version.
                        (i didn't remove the QlikTech folder, which consist of all the xml and settings)
                      3. Install V10 server (Full installation) and Desktop.
                        (i still can't lease a lic for the desktop version. i'm not sure why)
                      4. Start all the v10 services.


                      It went well after the above 4 steps, which makes me a little uneasy because it's too simple?
                      i hope i didn't miss out any important step.

                      I didn't change any xml files related to Netbios, is it mandatory?


                      Publisher works fine too, no additional installation needed like v9 if i remembered correctly.


                      If there's any crucial steps i have missed out, could you highlight?



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                    First time i cloned my prod server to make te test server. That didn't work. Therefore I made ??a new installation with a new test license. So my test license is totaly different then my production license.

                    Stil my test licensed server tries to work together with my prod server and affects my license registrion in my production server.

                    What is the best way to get this working. Still it are two standalone installations.




                    • How to config a test server
                      Amir Vastani

                      how to resolve in case of a clone that IT did?