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    SMTP Mail configuration not works NP 17.1

    Marcos Herrera

      Hi dear Qv Community


      I have an Qlik NPrinitng installation 17.1 over Windows Server 2012 r2 Std Edtiion, the server has 16 GB in RAM, and i tried configure a mail server but not works,  the server has access to internet, this is the parameters for configuration


      Server Address : mail.quest.com.co

      Port: 587

      Use TLS: Checked


      I tried changed the port at 25 and uncheck the  TLS flag, but not works


      I tested the conection to mail server with a Telnet and works fine for two ports (587 and 25), the configuration was tested in NPrinting 16 in local machine and works fine


      I tested the network trafic (With Microsoft Network Monitor 3.4) in Qlik NPriting Server and i can´t showany process trying conect to mail.quest.com.co


      I restart the Qlik NPrinting Services  many times but not works


      The following are de Print Screen of task window