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    Using variables in Set analysis

    Mark Graham

      Hi All,


      I'm trying to use an aggregated variable in set analysis with dimension in set analysis:


      vVariable1 = (Sum({<[Yesterday] -= {'-'}>}qc_overpick_lines))

      vVariable2 =  (Sum({<[Yesterday] -= {'-'}>}qc_mispick_lines))

      vVariable3 = (Sum({<[Yesterday] -= {'-'}>}qc_underpick_lines))


      In the set analysis, i'm trying to use these variables:


      =(Only({<SHIFTNAME= {'A'}>}vVariable1 +vVariable2+vVariable3))


      All i'm doing above statement is, using Shift dimension.

      But this is not working..



      Any help is highly appreciated!