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    qvw file not open

      Can tell me why this has been occur...?

      As soon as possible.....


        • qvw file not open
          Erich Shiino

          The user tried to access the document but the ports on the firewall were not opened. Then, QlikView tried to redirect it to the tunnel port, it also failed. Then, you got the error message.

          Try to open ports 80 (probably already opened and 4747)



            • qvw file not open
              Vlad Gutkovsky

              I would also check authentication settings in IIS and QEMC and make sure they match up. Most importantly, if you're disabling anonymous authentication in QEMC >> System >> QlikView Servers >> Security, make sure you also disable anonymous authentication in IIS >> QVAJAXZFC and the other virtual directories (and enable Windows Authentication).