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    Script consisting only of some EXECUTE commands - impossible?

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I have an app in QlikView that I want to use to capture some bugs in another report - I want to secure the data as it is at the time that the report is run - so I have exactly the same that is in the report, except that there are no filters.

      => Then I could use some listboxes to look at exactly the items that the other report did not show and hopefully find out why.


      I thought, we have a data_loading_app, so the qvd_files of all the tables I need are created hourly, so I just have to somehow backup those qvd_files that I need at that time to keep them from again being overwritten.


      For some reason, though, that does not work: The app is fine, with just three >> EXECUTE...copy << commands in the script, it runs, but there is a dialog_window.

      I can launch the app from the console and it runs fine, withoug dialog_window.

      <=> But it does not run at the time I schedule.

      Also, there is no document_log at all, only a Distribution_report in xml format, but that cannot be displayed correctly  by IE.

      Can anyone help me here?

      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,



      Could it be that a script consisting only of EXECUTE commands is not valid in QlikView? If so, what should I do to make it work?


      P.S: I could also imagine that the server simply does not allow the execution of that command-line COPY - but in that  case, should there not be a log saying so?

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          Marcus Sommer

          Hi DataNibbler,


          in general do applications with only some EXECUTE statements work (I have a lot of them for copy & synchronization files and data and various exporting & printing tasks - and quite important I'm always logged in on the server and some tasks run not directly else the qvw-execution runs a windows tasks which then runs the real batch).


          If there are problems they are most often related to missing access-right, security-topics and user-configurations. In your case could be the last mentioned user-configurations the reason. Then if it worked by manually triggering the task within the qmc and not by a scheduled task which very probably runs without any user is logged in into the server. This meant the qvw with the EXECUTION runs with the access rights from the server-user but the started cmd-statement or batch runs without a looged in user only with a system default-user which probaly had not the proper access-rights and other configurations.


          - Marcus