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    Version 10 Batch file issue with Tidal Scheduler

      We are running version 10 of QV Server, and we are coordinating the load of a QVW from several QVD's with an ETL load of an Oracle data warehouse database.

      The load is started from Tidal, via it's remote agent on the QV server, using a .BAT file. The .BAT file runs perfectly when run manually, or if it's scheduled via Windows Task Scheduler.

      However, when starting it via a Tidal job, QV.EXE starts (you can see it in Task Manager) but never does anything, and just sits there like it's waiting for something. You have to hit 'End Process' to kill it.

      I temporarily revived our old QV ver 9 server and tried the same task - it works from Tidal just fine - loads that QVW up like a champ.

      I can run any other program (XCOPY.EXE, Excel, etc) on this ver 10 server via Tidal/.BAT with no problem.

      The only thing I can think of is that maybe QV.EXE is waiting for the GUI progress box to open up, but since Tidal runs it's jobs in a console, and not on the desktop, it has no windowing layer to open the box in...

      Has anybody else experienced this? Is there a way to have ver. 10 QV.EXE run in a TRULY silent mode (yes, I tried "SET ErrorMode=0;") with nothing showing on the desktop?