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    Fetching a SUM of selected items on match specified item

    Bijoy B


              I am new with QlikSense. I need to get yearly asset details(SUM) from Quarterly defined data available. Attaching a screenshot of sample datasource


      I need to create a BarChart with Dimension as 'BANK'. I need to customize my measure in such a way,

              1. Need to consider when FINANCIAL-ITEM = 'Assets'.

              2. Its should be yearly basis [Sum(QTR1) + Sum(QTR2) + Sum(QTR3) + Sum(QTR4)].

              3. I don't want to use any filter Pane.


      I tried the below expression to fetch the Measure, but its not working

              match(match([FINANCIAL-ITEM],'Assets','Liabilities'),Sum(QTR1) + Sum(QTR2) + Sum(QTR3) + Sum(QTR4),0)


      Can someone suggest me an expression to calculate this measure. Thanks in advance, appreciated.