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      Hi All,


      I'm new to Qlikview. I'm currently working with a client with Clustered environment. I the environment has been setup and working fine for quite sometime now.


      There are currently 3 servers, one is publisher, Master web server and slave web server. I wanted to identify which server does the publisher jobs and which server is the master. Below are the details furnished:


      Server A has the following services running: QlikView Directory Service Connector QlikView Server QlikView Management Service QlikView Publisher Command Center Service QlikView WebServer

      Server B has the following services running: QlikView Management Service QlikView Server QlikView WebServer QlikView Distribution Service

      Server C has the following services running: QlikView Distribution Service QlikView Management Service.


      Please help me in identifying the Publisher Server and Master Server in the environment.




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          Vlad Gutkovsky


          It's hard to tell for sure because there are a few possible setups you can have with what you described. I would guess though that Server A is your cluster master server (i.e. the cluster is configured in the QEMC of Server A). Server B is most likely the cluster slave node. As a rule of thumb, I usually assume that whichever server has more tasks running is the master. But of course that is not always the case.

          Either Server B or Server C handles Publisher tasks, because those are the only servers where Distribution Service is running. You might also have a either a dual or a clustered Publisher environment, in which case both Server B and C are Publishing.