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    How to copy widget or widget library

    Michael Granillo

      Is it possible to copy a widget or widget library?

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          Stefan Walther



          a widget is unique (created with a unique Id when you create it). So you should never just create duplicates in the file system. There are some common scenarios:


          You want to create a copy of a widget to modify the copy then:

          - Just add a single space or something to the widget, then you can use the "Save As", give it a different name

          - Then you can create the newly created widget also to a different library (context menu in the Widget editor > "Move")


          What would be the scenario where you want to copy Widget library? What does this solve for you? Curious to understand your scenario.


          Hope this helps.



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              Michael Granillo



              The Save as and Move options satisfy my needs.  I'm so used to seeing "duplicate" in Qlik Sense that I wasn't in the "save as" mind set.


              My use case for copying is to create dev/test/production widget libraries.


              On an unrelated topic, I've stopped using widgets.  I created a page with ten of the drillable KPI objects (see screenshot) and the performance  was noticeably slower than normal.  Have you had issues with speed?  Is there any way to make it faster?  My code was only slightly modified from the original code provided in the test widgets.





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