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    How to change text on axis color based on condition



      I am trying to change the color of the dimension on the X axis based upon a condition. For example, in the picture below, I would like the '1-2 CD-S' to change to a red color if it is a manufacturer supplied part [so, I have the code as if(MSP = 'Y', red())]. For whatever reason, when I go into 'axes' and 'axis color' and select 'conditional', it will not change the color, even if the condition is true. Even if I select 'fixed' with no condition, the color will not change. However, if I select 'font' and change the font and size of the text, that will change.


      Can somebody please assist me in figuring out how to make this change? I have tried going in to 'dimensions' and editing the 'text color' field too, and that is not working either.


      Thank you,