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    Filter out data in the expression in Qlik Sense

    Salamon Musayev

      Hello everyone,


      I am a new to Qlik sense and I am hoping you can help with resolving issues I am having.

      I currently have a column/field in my table that measures compliance by either having 'Yes' or 'No'.


      The way my graph/chart is currently set up, is that it has

           Dimension:  Month, Count(Compliance)

           Measure:  Count(Compliance)

           The product shows 2 bars, 1 that is 'Yes' and the other that is 'No' for each month in the data.

           I am trying to create a graph/chart that will only show 'Yes' but not 'No' for my compliance column,

              meaning only show 1 bar which will only represent 'Yes'.


      Can you please help or guide me to the answer.

      I have another question similar to the above but will post it separately.


      Thank you