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    Guage Distinct percentage

    Salamon Musayev

      Hello everyone,


      I am a new to Qlik sense and I am hoping you can help with resolving issues I am having.

      I currently have a column/field in my table that measures compliance by either having 'Yes' or 'No'.


      I am trying to create a gauge meter.  The only way I can represent my column as measure in the Gauge is by using the Count aggregate.

      My measure looks like this Count(Compliance).

      The result is that it shows me the total count of all 'Yes' and 'No' inputs into that column. 

      (For example it would show 470, since in the column there are 300 'Yes' rows and 170 'No' rows.)


      I am trying to figure a way to show only amount or percentage of all compliance = 'Yes' out of total.

      So either the gauge would show 300/470 or  percentage  64% out of 100%


      Can you please help or guide me to the answer.


      Thank you