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    Management Console won't open

      I've installed qlikview server on my machine running Windows Home Server. Everything shows as running, however the Management Console won't open. Error message I get: " internet explorer can not display the webpage" (Yes I checked the internet status).

      It does the same thing if I try to open Enterprise Console.

      I installed Qlikview server on my laptop running Windows 7 and it runs fine. (Both Home Server and Windows 7 machines are on the same network).

      I also checked ASP and ASP net both are running.




        • Management Console won't open
          Ashfaq Mohammed


          there might be firewall enable which is blocking ports on your server 1.

          Try to open ports like 80, 4747 for both inbound and out bound.

          Also check for the services, Make sure all services are up and running.

          Hope that helps



          • Management Console won't open


            You may check the account that you use to run qv service is member of local administrators & QlikView Administrators group

            • Management Console won't open
              Steve Dark

              Hi Victor,

              Both previous responses are good ones to check. Another thing to look at is if you are using Internet Explorer ensure that 'Friendly HTTP Error Messages' are turned off. This is done by clicking Tools, Internet Options, Advanced and deslecting Show Friendly HTTP Error Messages. This may then show you a more detailed error message.

              Also I would run Services (from Start, Run) and check that all services that start 'QlikView' are running correctly.

              Hope that helps,