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    Datetime in xaxis line chart scrollbar moves to left on accessppint

    Avinash Jain

      Dear Team,

      We are using QV 11.2 SR13 verion of Qlikview.

      Here we have facing  strange  issue with scrollbar for Datetime on x axis on lince chart.



      a) On opening the dashboard from accesspoint at first  scollbar is on right hand side.

      b)When switching between filters scrollbar moves to left always.Does not persist to right hand side.

      c)This is happening for filed with DATETIME in format of (MM.DD.YYYY hh:mm).

      See attached.


      We have enabled"REVERSED"" check box but still this is happeing issue.

      Don't want to use "MACROCODE"" .


      Can you advise why such strand behaviour happens?Is it  some bugs on QV SR13 release for line chart.

      Is there any more property that can keep scrollbar always to right side with latest data.

      Please help