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    Multi_connection report imports in NPrinting 17.1

    Sankar Rajamoorthy

      hi Folks..

               i started to create multi_connection in a single app by using UNC path for importing reports from NP16.

      In NPrinting 16 i have 4 excel reports there is 3 excel reports created based on 2 or 3 multi_connection and 1 is made by single connection(single .qvw)  and 3 Html reports 2 is single connection 1 is created by two connection.


          On NPrinting 16 used totally  5 connection so i created that five .qvw connection in a single app in NPrinting 17.1. Then i open the NP16 .nsq file and Export the template to desktop and copy that Zip file to NP 17 Desktop. i started and import the templates to NP17

      but when i import template it was only shows the single connection reports i cannot import multi_connection reports


        I made up the changes on NP16 for testing i just delete the reports which is having only one connection so it having multi_connection reports only then i export and import it was shows error like below


      So how could i imports multi connection reports templates anyone suggesting me??........