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    Section Access in QEMC

      1. How to implement section access in QEMC 9.0 ?

      2. What is the Usage of Section Access mentioned under QEMC -> sETUP - > Advanced tab.

        • Section Access in QEMC
          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce


          1. Section access is always at a document level, meaning you code it in the document script, and meaning that you may have two documents with different section access. Search a bit in the forums and you will find several dozens of posts and sample codes covering the different fields and ways to get the section access working.

          2. I don't have such setting. What version are you using? Can you please elaborate on how to get to that "Advanced" tab?


          • Section Access in QEMC


            you may define a section access in your script as

            Section access;


            Admin, Name, [pwd, Dept, field...]
            User, Name, [pwd, Dept, field...]

            you can ever load it from a table or a file as

            LOAD DISTINCT
            'USER' as ACCESS,
            Name as USERID,
            Pass as PASSWORD,
            Dept_name as DEPT

            RESIDENT Table

            Don't forget to save a copy beifre loading in case you messed up the content of this section, you wouldn't be able to open it again!!

            open the your section application and get relation with access table

            section application;

            star is *;

            load * inline [
            DEPT, Territorycode
            0, *
            Territorycode as DEPT,
            RESIDENT Terr_Table;


            this will give all access to DEPT = 0 and reduce date to other accordiing value of DEPT.


            Tick the option "Data reduction based on section access" in "Setting, opening"