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    NPrinting include output filepath hyperlink in body of email?

    Steve Lord

      Hi All, How do I make nprinting include a hyperlink to a dynamically named file in the email?  I'd like to have it look something like this:


      Hello Recipient, The daily report has been saved here.


      And in the word "here", there would be a hyperlink like this:

      T:\Reports\Daily Reports\Acme Daily Report_20160721_070010.xlsx


      If I can't get a filepath hyperlink under the word 'here', I'll settle for a full filepath.  For now I just wrote the filepath up to the folder name in the body of the email which isn't too bad.  I also found the other tutorial about how to insert the recipient's name, just didn't see how to insert the output filepath hyperlink yet.  (Just started my search though.)  Thanks in advance!


      PS> Possibly an ugly workaround might be nprinting quietly run the regular job, then nprinting run a qlikview that has script to pick most current file and a vFilePath variable to use in the body of an email sent by the secondary nprinting job.  Really hoping nprinting will just let me %outputfilepath% something.

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          Stephen Jasionowski

          Steve - a tag for the report file path in the email body is currently a gap feature from NP16. This is on our roadmap for a future release of NPrinting.

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              Steve Lord

              Thanks.  Fair workaround is write the folder path in the message body.  A fairly huge onerous workaround might be to make a qlikview that specifically identifies the filepath() of the most current nprinting output(s), make it run after the main nprinting job, then do something I think with html reports to put the filepath() in the body of the email.


              Since people using our network drives are my own colleagues, I'm fine with just writing the folder path and/or attaching.  External parties would only be getting attachments, so not a need for them.


              FYI, I've read something cool about being able to email file attachments to Sharepoint and Sharepoint being able to upload them off the email which is a nice end-to-end b2b automation synergy between users of nprinting and sharepoint.