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    ignore selection in set analysis into 'Pick(mach(ValueList'

    Silvia Brambati

      Hi all,

      I would like to ignore selections in expressions  that I used in table.

      The expression is the following:



      Sum ({$<BFTYP= {'ACTUAL'},COMMODITY_SHORT_DESC=, MonthNum={1}>}$(s_ZZPG_FINAL))
      Sum ({$<BFTYP= {'ACTUAL'},COMMODITY_SHORT_DESC=, MonthNum={1}>}$(s_NETWR))
      Sum ({$<BFTYP= {'ACTUAL'},COMMODITY_SHORT_DESC=, MonthNum={1}>}$(s_WRBTR))


      I want that COMMODITY_SHORT_DESC will be ignored. But it doesn't work.

      If I use just the set analysis, without Pick(mach(valuelist,  intsted it works:

      Sum ({$<BFTYP= {'ACTUAL'},COMMODITY_SHORT_DESC=, MonthNum={1}>}$(s_ZZPG_FINAL))

      Can you help me?

      Thank you,