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    Shared Objects Missing

    Brent Nichol

      I've created several Shared Objects on a document and shared these with all users. These objects have disappeared from my view and others on the server, but I did not remove them, or even use the document since they were created. They are not even visible in the Collaboration Pane.

      I restored the .QVW.SHARED file and compared it with the current production version, and now another user's ID has been assigned to the chart.

      I'm the server administrator and the UID that now has ownership of charts does not have access to the administration screens.

      We are using QVS V9 SR7 on Windows Server 2008 with access through Session Cals.

      I'm getting several reports of missing shared objects from the users of the 80+ production documents.

      Any ideas?


        • Shared Objects Missing
          Pablo Labbe

          I have a customer that reported to me a similar problem, but he is upgrading to V10 because they were getting some odd behavior when using collaboration objects with V9 SR7 currently in use.


          I suggest you to upgrade to v10.  Version 9 hasn't have any Service Release planned until the end of year.





            • Shared Objects Missing
              Daniel Rozental

              We had a customer with odd collaboration behaviour and was due to a corrupted .shared file.


              If you do intensive use of collaborations features make sure you backup that file daily.


              Regarding the ownership changing I would recommed talking about it with support as it's really strange.