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    IE Plug-in vs. AJAX general discussion

    John Duffy

      Hello all.

      We are just beginning the process of migrating from QlikView 8.5 client installs to QlikView 10.0 SR2 web based access. We are trying to decide whether to use the IE Plug-in or AJAX.

      I'm looking for some feedback from anyone who is on v10 and using AJAX - issues converting to AJAX, effort required to reformat charts, macro issues, benefits found when converted to AJAX, etc.

      Any information would be greatly appreciated.



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          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

          Hello John,

          First of all, it may be quite general, but I answered something similar here.

          I see both pros and cons for both clients, but if I have to decide only one, I'd choose the IE Plugin. Most of the reasons are in the post I mention, and are in summary (and in general, network hardware, system requirements and so may vary, of course):


          • Likeness of layout, Plugin is WYSIWYG, so you don't need to redesign anything (if any, except for new objects like the container...)
          • You can use Zoom in the Plugin
          • Speed and performance in general, if QVP (port 4747) is allowed between client and server, you save to communicate with the WebServer, and the communication is more fluent and faster.




          Although version 10 has improved significantly the AJAX client, it still lacks of some functionality. Some macros will not work, it's not OCX/ActiveX, so although it will work fine in IE you will not take advantage of those.

          In my experience, performace is a bit poorer than the Plugin, in case of AJAX you have a WebServer in between always.

          You don't have zoom either, which means that unless all your users have the same exact screen resolution, scrollbars will appear.

          Anyway, the major benefit of the AJAX client is that it doesn't need any installation, and with the SR2 of version 10, works quite fine with tablets, browsers, and so.

          Hope that makes sense.