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    fabio Mazzarelli

      Hi Community

      I wish to make a kpi but the misure returns the value 0.

      Could you help me?


      IF ((CTRAAN = 'N' OR CTRAAN = ' '), sum({<Commessa = {'ASSTEL'}>} [TotOreLavorate]), 0)


      Thanks in advance

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          Chris Cammers

          Does this work?


          sum({<CTRAAN = {'N',' '},Commessa = {'ASSTEL'}>} [TotOreLavorate])

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            Mindaugas Bacius
              CTRAAN = {"N",""}
              ,Commessa = {"ASSTEL"}



            Set Analysis works fine. Unfortunately I couldn't manage to make the space mark in Inline load so have written CTRAAN = {"N", ""}N","."}

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                Chris Cammers

                Personally I don't like to leave nulls or blanks in my table data, it tends to make selections and Set Analysis more difficult. I would recommend backfilling blanks with a word and then the nulls with something else.


                You'd want to do this in your load.


                The advantage to doing this is that if you see nulls in your charts then you know that you may have a relationship problem that may need to be addressed. I'm just considering missing rows in associated tables.