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    QV10 Publisher does not notify users when task fails

      QV 10 SBE Server and Publisher is running on Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise. QMC -- QlikView Server Settings -- SMTP is populated with SMTP server's address, anonymous authentication, a valid sender address and 100 seconds timeout. Three emails are entered that should get an email if reload of a document goes wrong.

      A task was created with a deliberate error in script to simulate failure during reload. The task was set up in QEMC. The task indeed failed and generated a log file but no email was sent to the three users. The sender received 3 emails that started with:

      OVERRIDDEN MAIL: <user's email that was supposed to get email>

      The task "test" failed. Part of the log file...

      Email tests from QMC -- Publisher Settings seem to go out just fine. Email tests from QEMC -- System -- Setup -- Remote Management Services -- Mail Server also goes fine (all with Anonymous Authentication method). Emails from .NET also fly fine.

      What would cause users to not be notified when a publisher task fails? What setting could I be missing? Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. If any details are needed, please let me know.

      Thank you.