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    ODBC VS OLEDB Connectivity

      Generally which type of connectivity is recommended when you connect a qlikview application to a database:

      ODBC or OLEDB.

      Note: The necessary setup for both are available.

      1. Whcih would give a better performance and provides a secured mechanism for extracting?

      2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of both?


        • ODBC VS OLEDB Connectivity
          Arun M



          If OLE DB driver is available it should be used ahead of an ODBC connection.The use of OLE DB negates the need for setting up an ODBC connection. OLE DB simply requires one setup step within QlikView.

          ODBC is Open Data Base Connectivity, which is a connection method to data sources.It requires that you set up a data source ( DSN) using an SQL driver or other driver if connecting to other database types. Most database systems support ODBC.So it is user friendly

          But OLEDB is the successor to ODBC, a set of software components that allow a "front end" such as GUI based on VB, C++, Access or whatever to connect with a back endsuch as SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, mySQL etc. OLEDB components offer much better performance than the older ODBC.