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    shweta gupta

      Hi All,


      I am having a field named status which has three codes i.e SL, SR, and SRDMG. which represents my sales nature.

      and I am having field of Qty


      whenever my code is SL , i need to subtract sales coresponding to SL and SR

      i.e if Status = SL then my sales = sum of Qty under SL- sum of Qty under SR

      then if Status = SR then sales = sum of Qty under SR

      also, if Status=SRDMG then Sales = sum of Qty under SRDMG


      so whenever status is SL in filter i need above desired result corresponding to branch name


      Can someone please guide me to write an expression.


      Data look like this


      Branch           qty          Status(in filter)

      A                    10          SL

      A                    2            SR

      B                     7             SR 

      C                     3             SRDMG



      Result is when I see my table drawn on Net Sales

      Branch          Net Sales

      A                    8

      B                    7

      C                    3