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    Any ideas on what Status 1 ,Status 2 ....stands for ?QRS API

    Swarup Malli

      We are using Qlik Sense Repository Service API to get a state of a task using this endpoint /qrs/executionresult/full


      Response from this request looks like this:

      { id: '28ac6482-f188-4180-9226-8a767836130f',

        createdDate: '2016-07-22T13:06:16.304Z',

        modifiedDate: '2016-07-22T13:06:17.241Z',


        taskID: '38057f1e-788d-4100-98f7-cb26b0f1eff9',

        executionID: 'b77b9ed2-bb4c-43f0-a01b-dacc8446e966',

        appID: '74bbffdf-38d8-4f4e-854e-160ba6f4e12d',

        executingNodeID: '1cdff835-aaa5-4320-83f1-5a1fc00523de',

        executingNodeName: ‘….’,

      status: 2,                                           <----------------------------------------------This is the field we are interested in

        startTime: '2016-07-22T13:06:16.288Z',

        stopTime: '1753-01-01T00:00:00.000Z',

        duration: 0,

        fileReferenceID: '00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000',

        scriptLogAvailable: false,


         [ { id: 'd1ff6ccb-d173-442b-9c08-509e513b3ad6',

             detailsType: 2,

             message: 'Changing task state to Triggered',

             detailCreatedDate: '2016-07-22T13:06:16.851Z',

             privileges: null


        privileges: null,

        schemaPath: 'ExecutionResult' }


      We are interested in the status here. At this point status is 2 which we think means “In Progress” We know that the numeric status can go from 1-8

      And we need to know what each number represents.