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    Dash for Zeros, how to get this in QV

      Hi, all

      I"ve checked all posts but alas non of them worked for me,

      Number Formatting... Zero's to Dashs | Qlik Community 

      A format string like #,##0.00;-#,##0.00;- works for me to show 0's as dashes. In QV a dash is shown, when exported to Excel a dash is also shown, but the underlying value is still a 0.

      another thing I learned I can use property like in, not sure if this a way for global setup,  my QV didn't give me a choice for this window.

      Removing - (Hyphen) results with in a Text Object



      I have in my table field formatted for money, and would like to get physical dash , if it's zero.

      This solution worked partially, it hides zero, but doesn't display dashes








      Tx M