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    Embed qliksense object

    Fernando Keuroglian

      Hi Expert


      I would like to know if i can embed qlik sense charts without a token or server? and if i can public in my page


      Using mashup for example or using the url generate.


      if i add to in my code, in my .net app for example i  can share this objects?


      My resume question could be what i need to share visualizations object integrate in a created web page?


      Thanks a lot


      Fernando K.

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          Bill Markham

          To use embedded QlikSense visualizations one needs suitable licences.

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              Fernando Keuroglian

              Hi Bil!


              Suitable licencense, of course tokens or there are other solution? one token for each user that acces to my page?


              thanks a lot



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                  Bill Markham

                  There are also processor core licences, but I think they would only be suitable for huge sites with huge budgets wishing to exploit the QlikSense Engine directly via the API's.


                  Your Account Manager should be able to gently advise you of the pricing.  But do make sure you are sitting down in a comfy chair before he breaks the news to you.


                  My subconscious has deleted the pricing from my memory and I no longer get the panic attacks and flashbacks.

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                    Ely Malki

                    Hi Fernando,


                    there is model license product call Qlik Analytics Platform (QAP) .

                    This is license model offer to Qlik OEM Partner, based on Server hardware installation , license x core (not CPU).

                    Base package of QAP is 4-core.


                    In technical-theory you can easly configure Qlik Sense Desktop to expose app and objects and/or extensions on public pages.




                    Ely Malki

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                  Jeffrey Goldberg

                  Fernando, You may be able to load your application into Qlik Cloud and then share Qlik Sense objects in a web site without cost.  However, bill.markham is correct that embedding Qlik Sense visualizations in a .Net application or web site does require a Qlik Sense Enterprise or Qlik Analytics Platform server license.  You may be able to embed using Qlik Sense desktop within your local machine, but it will not be accessible externally or from other systems.