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    Where is dimension formatting in Qlik Sense 3.0?

      I recently upgraded my Qlik Sense desktop to version 3.0. I was just trying a simple thing on it and found dimension (such as "year") is not taken in with the right format so I tried to change the format. However the formatting in properties pane in GONE. Please take a look at the screen shot 1.


      Other problems are:

      If I use data load editor to load, I cant edit the table (column data format) using data manager. It says: "this table is added using the data load script, and can only be viewed in the data model viewer after data is loaded."


      If I use simple drag and drop to add data (with no changes to the original data set at all), I can edit the table in the data manager, but all table fields has only 3 field types to choose from: General, Date, and Timestamp. Please note its all field, not just the year field. Please see screen shot 2.


      Didnt know upgrading will cause this much change. Only wanted to checked out the new features...


      Would appreciate your response!


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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          In the properties pane of the line chart expand the Appearance menu, expand the options for the x-axis and uncheck the Use continuous axis option.


          Can't help you with the other problem. For now you generate a load either with the Data Manager or manually with the Data load editor. It's either one or the other. Once you unlock a section generated with the Data Manager you can only edit it with the Data load editor.