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    QVWS as separate install connecting to existing QVS

      I'm sure this is simple, but I'm having trouble getting it to work properly...

      I need to setup a stand alone QVWS server on a separate box from the QVS

      My target QVWS additional box is Windows2003 SP2. It is in the same domain as the QVS. I can ping the QVS server and get a response.

      I'm installing QlikView v10 SR2 on both the target QVWS server and it's already installed and working on the QVS server.

      2. I install the 'QV Web Server' from the install profile options.. and the install goes to completion. (there is NO iis on this machine)

      2a. I start the QVWS service, it starts with no errors

      3. I kick off IE 8, type http://'localhost'/qlikview into the address field....and receive the top portion of AccessPoint, along with a warning..."No Server' and a link...'click here for possible solutions' .

      3. I stop the QVWS service, then I modify the c:\documents and settings\All Users\Application Data\QlikTech\WebServer\config.xml

      3a. There is no <QvsHost> line or QvsTunnel, but there is a <DefaultQvs> entry that I change from 'localhost' to the server's host name.

      4. I restart the QVWS service, try IE8 to the AccessPoint. Same problem.

      5. I look at the ..\WebServer\Log\XXXXXXX.txt log file and it tells me: 'Warning config error - invalid default qvs: .....'

      So, I tried numerous permutations of the QVS box name, hostname, IP address, etc... same error.

      Last I tried adding tags for <QvsHost> and <QvsTunnel> as the documentation mentions, but no joy.


      How do I setup QV so that I have a separate QVWS pointing to an existing QVS ?