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    How to change a the graph colour based on a parameter

      Dear all,


      I am developing a dashboard that contains information of two companies. For these companies, lets call them company a and b, I have placed two buttons on top of the page (button1 and button2). For now the dashboard has one graph. I would like to change the colour of the graph based on the button I select.


      Let say I have the following data



      LOAD * INLINE [
      Month, Day, Amount
      1, 2, 3
      2, 1, 4
      2, 2, 5
      3, 1, 7
      3, 2, 11


      And i have two buttons (named button1 and button2) and one graph that simply sums up values in amount. Could anybody tell what I should do to make the graph green when I hit button1 and blue when I hit button 2?