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    Building a comparison page

    Carlos Daniel

      Hi there,



      I'm trying to build a page that has two similar charts, and two sets of identical filter panes. How can i set this up, if i want a a filter pane to only influence one the charts?




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          Chandrasheker Gompa



          I have a KPI chart and 4 filters and I have written an expression like below:


          The KPI doesn't change even when I select the filters


          Sum({<[Reporting Area] ={*},

          [Reporting Group 3] = {*},

          //[Reporting Group 2] = {*},

          [Reporting Group 1] = {*},

          [Reporting Group] = {*},

          File_Type = {"Actual 2016"}>}Value)/1000000


          So in one of the sheet where you don't want the metrics to change based upon the filter you filter name and * like above... Hope this helps.


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              Carlos Daniel



              I'm not sure that helps. What i'm trying to achieve is to have a filter only change one of the charts so that i can compare sets of values, something along these lines:




              In this example i'm using the calculation condition, but if both conditions are met then both charts are affected by the selections above.