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    In compound chart (multiple lines+bars), how to get bars to group and NOT stack

      I have a Qlikview chart (sample attached) with 1 date dimension and 2 pairs of expressions (for a total of 4 expressions).  For each pair of expressions, the first expression is a value and the second expression is the change in value from the previous period.  The first expression is shown as a line; the second as a bar.  Since there are two pairs of these expressions, the chart has 2 lines and 2 sets of bars.  The problem is that the bars should be grouped, not stacked.  In the chart properties, I've selected the "Grouped" radio button in the Style tab.  Curiously, when I select only 1 date, the two bars are not grouped, but rendered as two separate bars, each zero-based, as they should be.  (I'm using QV 11.20 SR12.)


      Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?  Thanks in advance...