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    Error in hidden script

    Scott Newman

      I'm not sure the correct way to get support for the Governance Dashboard--whether I should be asking here or opening a case with Support.


      Anyway, we have QlikView 11.2 SR12 installed in three environments, Dev, QA, and Prod.  Governance Dashboard 1.1.1 is installed on each and reloaded nightly through the Publisher.


      Our developers created an app based on doing a binary load of the Gov DB data and then dropping the tables they don't need.  This loaded successfully in Dev, but when we migrated to QA it failed because one or more of the tables being dropped did not exist.  I looked at the data model in each environment and it was obvious that the one in QA is missing tables.  On looking at the log in Publisher I saw that errors were being generated in the hidden script.  I had not realized this because the task always ends successfully.


      We use Qlik Deployment Framework, so the GD is installed in ...\SourceDocuments\0.Administration\1.Application\2.GovernanceDashboard\profiles\default.


      I'm attaching files I've seen requested on other discussions.  I can see errors in the fullscan.messages.log, but I do not know how to interpret them to fix the problem.  Any pointers would be appreciated.


      Thank you, Scott