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    Nesting variables in script for set analysis

    Henrique Demarco


      I have a variable in my script that is

      Set var_IAP= =Sum({<Tipo_ap={Produção}, ETAPA-={50,21,100}>} QUANTIDADE)

      'Etapa' exclusion is very common and I need to change it frequently (include another number like 200), so I created a new variable:

      Set var_etapa_excluir= , ETAPA-={50,21,100};

      And now I am trying to nest both using:

      =Sum({<Tipo_ap={Produção} var_etapa_excluir >} QUANTIDADE)

      Note that in many cases I need to exclude 'Etapa', but not in all cases. So my concern is to use as a variable, to avoid editing all the script that has more than 20 other variables.

      In chart I just use var_IAP.

      What is the correct way to nest variables in script? What am I doing wrong?

      Thanks and best regards.