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    v9 personal - local PC ODBC very slow


      We are just starting to investigate the potentional of qlikview and downloaded the v9 personal edition so we could show something meaningful / useful to our bosses.

      I made an ODBC connector to the target database which seemed OK but record retrieval is horribly slow ( around 20 records per second )

      The target table has over 200,000 records and I need to read this in a few minutes, not hours.

      Anyone got good skills in troubleshooting slow connections?

        • v9 personal - local PC ODBC very slow



          Suggest you try the following to establish is the ODBC connection is indeed slow.

          1. Try to connect to the ODBC through Excel -> External Data and see if the ODBC is slow?


          Alternatively you may try the following

          1. Try to get a few fields fields before doing a Select *

          2. Try an OLEDB Connection instead of ODBC