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    Qlik Twitter Connector can't authenticate

      I can't get Qlik Twitter Connector to work. Every other connector is authenticating fine, but for twitter, the authenticate button does nothing, no pop up alert.


      I already have the server working outside the proxy, and can access the twitter website and any site on twitter domain,  but no solution can be achieved.


      Maybe there is some exception on the network firewall i should use - the server firewall is off-, but i can't seem to find which  IPs and ports on wireshark. Is there something i'm missing? Anybody found the same error?


      Hope some help can be found


      Vitor B,

      DPF- Brazil





        • Re: Qlik Twitter Connector can't authenticate
          Álvaro Barrera Vargas

          Hello Victor .

          I managed to connect to the API tweeted a connector through REST . Steps Follow a child :

          Do the following:

          1. Sign into your Twitter account at https://twitter.com/.

          2. Enter the URL to the developer page at https://dev.twitter.com/rest/tools/console.

          3. Select Authentication--OAuth 1. You are asked to authorize the developer console to use you Twitter authentication. When you authorize, the Authentication field shows your Twitter account user name. For example, “twitter-JonSmith.”

          4. Select a Service.

          5. Select an API method. For example, you can select GET methods to "/trends/place.json" or "/trends/closest.json."

          6. Select Send to generate the JSON URL and Headers. The JSON URL looks like: https://api.twitter.com/1.1/help/configuration.json The Headers include OAuth authorization with a token value, a host name, and X-Target-URI that are used in the Query headers section of the Create a connection - REST step in the REST Connector.

          7. Go to the Create a connection - REST step in the REST Connector.

          8. In the URL field, enter the URL generated for your Twitter connection.


          9. Enter your Twitter credentials in the User name and Password fields.

          10. Add parameters in the Query headers field for the authorization token, host name, and X-Target-URI.

          11. Complete the remaining fields and selections in the Create a connection - REST step. See: Create a REST connection