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    connector help required


      Dear Support,
      We are now developing the application from Server machine

      which is having 16gb Ram

      But the QV application is not able to use this entire memory

      I tried to change the memory limit for qlikview application even then
      it is able to use 3gb Ram out of 16 Gb.

      i changed the setting in Memory Upgrade Limit and set it to 10

      Initially it was using 2 GB ram after this setting it is using 3gb ram

      But performance is not there.

      If there is alternate setting please let us know

      and so far the application desingned contains approx 4 crore records(FULL Load)

      Also please note that KONV table contains approx 4 crore records and
      connector is not able to pull it in single go.I had to break it down
      to 4 QVD's each containing 1 Crore records
      I had to do this as it was giving error execution of script failed .

      in application i am using right now 1 crore record of this table and 3
      crore records from other tables