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    Data Market Connector hangs when trying to select data


      I have downloaded the data market connector for Qlikview 12 and have successfully installed the connector.

      When I select the connector in the script editor, it creates a connect string as follows:


      CUSTOM CONNECT TO "Provider=QvDataMarketConnector.exe;version=1;XUserId=DUaaNFD;XPassword=cCPXRZA;";


      I then press the "Select" button and the panel comes up offering me data categories like "Demographics and Weather". Since I do not have a license, I then select the "Free" category.


      At that time, the connector hangs and does not return the panel to select the data to be imported into my qlikview document.


      I have tried adding the connector executable to my local firewall, public and private, and have added the data market domain to my trusted sites.


      Still, no joy, I can not connect to get the data select panel.


      Does anyone have any ideas why I can not connect?  I have an open connection to the Internet so port and domain should not be the problem.