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    SAP Profitability Analysis (CO-PA)


      I got a question.

      One of the coming weeks we have to implement a SIB on a SAP CO-PA (line items - more then 10 million records in the tables)

      We want to work with the QV 8.5, and a SAP ECC system 4.6.

      Are there templates / examples / guides available (especially for CO-PA) which you can share, so we can prepare ourselves for this SIB?


      Many Thanks,


      BI Consultant Belgium

        • SAP Profitability Analysis (CO-PA)
          Rakesh Mehta

          Hi Sven, I have done excately what you are looking for at couple of places. Please open a conversation to descuss details of your needs.

            • SAP Profitability Analysis (CO-PA)

              Hi Rakesh,


              sorry for the delay, but I am in holiday for a couple of weeks.



              So you have implemented a QV application on the SAP CO-PA tables. Great, then you can help me :)

              Can you guide me on how to start? Which tables should be read (Transactional Data, Master Data, no hierarchies I supose?) from SAP?

              There is no SAP BW available, so no predefinition of a good COPA environment, I have to connect directly to the SAP tables.

              Are there specific extractors available, or define everything manually?


              you see, many questions to start with.



              many thanks for your input


              Kind Regards,


                • SAP Profitability Analysis (CO-PA)
                  Rakesh Mehta

                  Hi Sven,

                  As usual, no standard extracts available. There may be some custom one in the market (partners?) to use with QlikView.

                  For tables, have a look at following:


                  The COPA environment in R/3 could be very specific to the specific configuration. Look in the article above and do some analysis on the tables and their data.

                  Please make sure to set the expectations:

                  1. COPA data results will never match with oprtational data. What I mean that your margins and net revenue coming out of COPA will never match with figures from SD - invoices, etc.

                  2. COPA data is only available (completely) after month end process has executed - prder settlements, etc. So no daily or weekly reporting.

                  If you do not have much experiece with COPA and SAP data, I woul recommend to involve someone knowledgeble for couple of days may be to get you started.

                  Hope this help.


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                      Nazarena Lopez Scott

                      Hi Rakesh,

                      Do you have any documentation or instructions about qlikview applications with SAP COPA data? I have found several templates from MM, FI, PP, etc, but I coudn´t find anything about COPA.

                      Also, I would appreciate any information you could share about that and the recomended way to do the initial load and the incremental loads. You know that CE1, CE2, CE3 and CE4XXXX tables are really huge.

                      Thanks in advance for your help