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    How to create a straight table with flagged fields

    Cliff Clayman

      This is a little difficult to explain, but I will try my best to articulate what I am looking for.  I am looking to filter my results in a straight table to determine if a person has made a transaction within the last 3 months and the last 6 months.  I have a field called Period that needs to be evaluated to determine that.  I've attached a sample QVW file that will make a lot more sense once you look at it.  There is also a straight table that contains the data that is summed for all Periods.  So, the current Period value is P9.  I also created a variable that has that in it.  If a person has Charges for Periods 1-9, then I do not wish to see them in the table.  If they have a charge in P1 and then no further charges, I would like to see a flag in the 3 month and 6 month field in the table. If they have charges in P1-P5, then I just want to see a flag in the 3 month field.  Here is a screenshot that might make more sense...


      EmployeeLast Period3 Month6 MonthsTotal Charges
      JOE SMITHP1xx$510.72
      BOB JOHNSONP2xx$109.05
      THOMAS DODDP3xx$645.88
      ALEX RIVASP4x$713.64
      CHRIS COLLINSP5x$1,000.42


      Let me know if there s any additional information I can provide.