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    How do I write an expression for a pivot table to present values I select.

    dennis simpson


      I have a pivot table with multiple fields. Some are: AS, AVAIL .   When I select CI  I only want to return the AS and AVAIL that have been assigned to the CI.  I currently have a Join I thought would work but it is giving values for the other affected services in addition to the one I select. How can I write an expression to return the values I would like to see only?


      AS – affected service; AVAIL – percentage available service duration; CI – name of the customer who has been impacted by down service.




      Join(Impacts) LOAD * INLINE [
      display_impact_customer, impact_customer, impact_affected_service
      Cust1, Sys 1
      Cust1, Sys 2
      Cust2, Sys 3
      Cust3, Sys2
      Cust4, Sys1

      Cust5, Sys2
      Cust6, Sys1
      Cust6, Sys3
      Cust7, Sys2
      Cust8, Sys2