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    Section Access wild cards (Qlik Sense)

      Hi There,


      I'd like to know if it is possible to use wild cards as well as literal strings within the section access of an application. I've tried the following (see the Group Astring*) where Astring is the literal followed by anything else but it doesn't seem to work. Am I missing something or is there a special regular expression? Note I have used * on its own (no literal) and that does work for everything however that is not what I require. Basically the group value is returning a concatenated list of groups and I only want specific ones.


      Section Access;
      LOAD * INLINE [
      ADMIN, abc\u1, *, *
      USER, abc\u1, *, *
      USER, cde\u2, Astring*, Astring


      Section Application;
      LOAD * INLINE [
      LINK, LinkName
      Astring, L1
      Astring2, L2
      Astring3, L3
      Astring4, L4
      Astring4, L5





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          Vinay Bangari

          As per my guess you cannot do that. But suggestion for your is split that column into 2.

          in your Section access table:


          LINK  Linknumber

          Astring  *



          your inline table will be


          Section Application;

          LOAD * INLINE [

          LINK,  Linknumber ,LinkName

          Astring,1 , L1

          Astring,2, L2

          Astring,3, L3

          Astring,4, L4

          Astring ,4, L5


          Hope this helps. Now they will be able to join on two columns

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              Hi Vinay kumar Bangari ,


              Thanks for your suggestion, I think I didn't explain the issue well enough. I need to be able to split up the GROUP system field. When this comes in the value I get is a concatenated list which I don't know ahead of time what these values are or how many there are in the list. I am however interested in a specific value from the list. In my case the list contains a number of roles and I want to test for the occurrence of one of them. In the example above this role is Astring.