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    Connecting to SAP BI 7.0


      Hi this is a very basic question since I'm very new to Qlikview. We have a BI 7.0 installation and I need to run some queries on the infocubes sitting in our BI system. I have installed the QLikview application and I have installed the SAP connector. After that I do not know how to go about finding the BI system to connect to so that I can see the infocubes in the BI system.

      Unless I missed it somewhere I couldn't find any good documentation for that. Any detailed notes or suggestions would be much appreciated.

      Thanks, Romina


        • Connecting to SAP BI 7.0
          Rakesh Mehta

          Reading your question, it seems you are talking about SAP SQL Connector and not OLAP connector, as you want to tradt cubes directly.

          If this is correct, you need to find out Fact, SID and Master/text tables behind and extract then separately into QVCD format. Then, at QV side, you may link them up together again.

          If you contact your partner, there is anicce QV template application, which lets you specify any Cube and downloads all related data into QVD format. Then you can link them again in QVW document.

          Other option lfor you would be to use OLAP connector and read via a BI Query. But this has some limitations for number of records or so.

          Hope this helps.