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    Excluding days in month

    Kshitija Shinde

      Hello everyone,


      How do i exclude 2nd and 4th saturday and all sundays in month??


      Thanks& Regards,


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          Kaushik Solanki



          Have a look at the link.





          Kaushik Solanki

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            Sunny Talwar

            May be create flags for these dates in your script.:



            LOAD Date,

              WeekDay(Date) as WeekDay,

              If(WeekDay(Date) = 'Sun' or (WeekDay(Date) = 'Sat' and Match(Div(Day(Date), 7), 1, 3)), 1, 0) as Exclude_Flag;

            LOAD Date(MakeDate(2016, 1, 1) + RecNo() - 1) as Date

            AutoGenerate 366;

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              Vineeth Pujari

              Add Flags to your Datefield or preferably in MasterCalendar as below



              Dates = is your datefield


              if(NUM(Dates) = makedate(YEar(Dates),NUM(Month(Dates)),1+7*2)-(NUM(WeekDay(MonthStart(Dates),6))+1),'2ndSat',

                    if(NUM(Dates) = makedate(YEar(Dates),NUM(Month(Dates)),1+7*4)-(NUM(WeekDay(MonthStart(Dates),6))+1),'4thSat')) as SaturdayFlag

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                Vineeth Pujari

                Can you share sample data?

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                    Kshitija Shinde

                    Hi Vineeth ,


                    I have attached sample data , i want to calculate the TAT of opening and closing date and then exclude 2nd and 4th Saturday and all Sundays.



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                        Vineeth Pujari

                        Had to write a module to get this result in Qlikview,


                        I know you are using Qliksense but you can create a QVD using a personal edition and load that to your Qliksense app as a workaround until an someone has a better solution.


                        LOGIC: use networkdays to exclude all saturdays & sundays between the period and then add the number of 1st or 3rd saturdays falling in the period



                        Press CTRL + M and paste this code


                        Function AdjustSaturdays(StartDate, EndDate)

                          Days = 0   


                            For Dates = StartDate To EndDate


                        ''    Check for Weeknumber to identify saturday of the month

                            IF (Day(Dates)/7)<=1 THEN

                          SatNumber = 1

                          ELSEIF (Day(Dates)/7)>1 and (Day(Dates)/7)<=2 THEN

                          SatNumber = 2


                          ELSEIF (Day(Dates)/7)>2 and (Day(Dates)/7)<=3 THEN

                          SatNumber = 3


                          ELSEIF (Day(Dates)/7)>3 and (Day(Dates)/7)<=4 THEN

                          SatNumber = 4


                          ELSEIF (Day(Dates)/7)>4 and (Day(Dates)/7)<=5 THEN

                          SatNumber = 5


                          ELSEIF (Day(Dates)/7)>5 and (Day(Dates)/7)<=6 THEN

                          SatNumber = 6


                          END IF



                                If WeekDay(Dates) = 7  and (SatNumber = 1 or SatNumber = 3) THEN

                                    Days = Days + 1

                              End If



                            AdjustSaturdays = Days


                        End Function



                        IN YOUR LOAD SCRIPT:









                          NetworkDays + SaturdaysToAdd as TATDays;



                        LOAD Dates,


                            NetWorkDays(Dates,Stop) as NetworkDays,

                        AdjustSaturdays(NUM(Dates),NUM(Stop)) as SaturdaysToAdd





                        (ooxml, embedded labels, table is Sheet1);