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    YTD this year, comparing THE SAME PERIOD previous YTD

    Paula Calva

      Hi Qlikers!

      I have 2 fields: OrderDate -> 01/01/2016 and Sales.


      To calculate Current YTD im using this measure: =SUM({$<OrderDate = {'>=$(=YearStart(Today()))<=$(=MonthEnd(Today()))'}>}Sales) and it works well.


      To calculate Previous YTD im using: SUM({$<OrderDate = {'>=$(=AddMonths( YearStart (Today()),-12))<=$(=AddMonths( MonthEnd (Today()),-12))'}>}Sales) and it works well too!


      But now i want to calculate the same period of the previous year. Example:


      Im calculating YTD: Sales from 01/01/2016 to 27/07/2016

      I want to calculate from previous YTD: Sales from 01/01/2015 to 27/07/2015..


      Anyone have any idea?


      Thanks a lot!!