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    Loading several table with same column names

    Salamon Musayev

      I have several reports, that I receive every month (Jan, Feb, March, etc). 

      All of the tables have the same exact column names but obviously different rows.


      I am trying to load all 3 tables into Qliksense,  however I get a synthetic key error.


      Before each load I give each table a table name


      Load *

      From \\\\\\\ qvd;



      Load *

      From \\\\ qvd;




      I need to have all three table in the app to be able to compare the data beween each report.  I cannot join or concatenate the data because there is nothing in the tables that will be able to differentiate the range of date of each table.  The tables do not have any time stamp data.



      Please advise and let me know if you have any questions.


      Thank you in advance.