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    SAP: KNVH Customer Hierarchy Table




      In SAP there is an Hierarchy Table called KNVH which gives an overview of the Customer Hierarchy.

      For example, in the field KUNNR you'll find a customer number which refers to its higher leveled customer number, mentioned in the field HKUNNR.


      When you select this HKUNNR, and you look it up in the KUNNR, you'll find it, again with a reference to a higher leveled customer number HKUNNR.

      And so on and so on.


      This circular loop mechanism repeats it selves in the same table over and over again, until you reach a highest level (the HKUNNR stays empty).



      Now how can you manage this table in Qlikview, How do you determine which is the highest and lowest level.


      This Table is linked to the Customer MasterData table KNA1, and the key we use is customer number (KUNNR)