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    directory service connector local Access

    Denis Tronel

      Hello guys

      I found in the community the wonderful and light application <activedirectoryloadWithGroups> from Rob. W to list AD user groups and associated users using LDAP through ODEDB + Directory Service Connector.

      My question, what must i do to execute the same application but listing the LOCAL groups set on my QlikView server (11.20SR13) ?

      I can add some more info/screenshots if required to better understand my issue. Thx in advance


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          Denis Tronel

          hello. Finally I got an answer out of the Community and i can get the list of Local groups by using the command 'NET LOCALGROUP'.

          // Etape 1 - Listage des groupes locaux du serveur et récupération résultat dans un fichier
          Execute cmd.exe /C "net localgroup > d:\GroupList.txt";

          // @1 as Record,
          right(@1,len(@1)-1) as GroupName,
          right(@1,len(@1)-1) as GROUPNAME,
          if(mid(@1,2,3)='Qli' or mid(@1,2,3)='QV_','Oui','Non') as FlagQV,
          Recno() as GroupNumero
          FROM [D:\GroupList.txt] (txt, codepage is 1252, no labels, delimiter is ';', msq)
          where left(@1,1)='*';

          Then i just have to recurse these groups using command 'Net localgroup GROUPNAME >> d:\GroupMembers.txt''

          Then I just have to recurse above groups by using the command 'NET LOCALGROUP groupname >> GroupMember.txt' in order to retrieve all users linked to each group !!